Tips for claw trimming

If your pet’s a kitten, or you’re simply planning for your dream cat, this process can go much smoother when you start young. It takes patience and frequent, informal paw massages to let them cuddle longer and not squirm away immediately.

The time when your pet is ready to frolic is not the time to tackle paw trims. It’s way too tricky to do so when felines are in a playful mood so instead wait ’til after a catnap.


When approaching your pet, make sure you don’t waggle your hand like it’s a game so she knows not to bat or swat. If you periodically pamper her paws, she’ll be more used to it if you need to seek professional help for the deed itself.

Knead your kitty’s paws one at a time to get her used to being touched and naturally extend and retract her claws. Think of it as your own personal handshake!

Provide scratchers of different textures so she can work her claws down, too.

Tips for claw trimming