Corky was given life-saving surgery

A kitten born with his legs back to front has been given a new lease of life after pioneering surgery.

Corky was given life-saving surgeryThe seven-month-old kitten suffers from a congential deformity known as ‘Bilateral Arthrogryposis’, which causes his legs to be the wrong way round. His limbs are also crisscrossed like a corkscrew, leading staff at the shelter to name him Corky.  

The courageous kitty learned to drag himself around on his two front paws at the CATS  Cradle shelter, until Gail and Carol asked for the help of a local vet. Dr. Dan Burchill of Castleton Veterinary Services invented a surgery to bring Corky’s back legs the right way round.

The kitten is now walking on his legs normally thanks to intensive physical therapy sessions. Staff at the shelter have been keeping followers up to date with Corky’s progress, including his new found ability to use his litter tray!