How to pill your cat

10 basic steps to pill your cat successfully:

  1. Tip up the cat’s head.
  2. Position your forefinger and thumb on the cat’s forehead.
  3. Rest the tips of your forefinger and thumb on the cat’s upper lip.
  4. Gently press your thumb and fingertip into your cat’s mouth.
  5. Hold the pill in a pincer-like grip.
  6. Apply pressure with your forefinger to open your cat’s mouth. .
  7. Drop the pill into the cat’s mouth further back on the tongue.
  8. Hold the cat’s mouth closed until you see him swallow. 
  9. Release the cat’s mouth.
  10. Follow the pill with some water.


Once the pill is successfully swallowed, offer the cat a drink and something to eat. This makes sure the pill has gone all the way down the esophagus into the stomach.

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