Tiny kittens saved after being dumped in rain

Four tiny kittens were dumped on a busy London road and left to die in the pouring rain, only to be found the next morning weak and covered in faeces.

RSCPA Officers were called after the six-week-old cats were found drenched and shivering in a box on Willenhall Road in Greenwich. It is thought they had been left there overnight, and the tabby and white moggies, named Bubbles, Chloe, Olly and Bobby by staff, were caught just in time.


The little kittens were sitting in a puddle of water in this box and were completely drenched. They were in such a state – covered in their own faeces and all of them shivering. There was no bedding at all. Rescuers said: “They are simply too young and too small to survive on their own in this way, especially in such torrential weather.”

Thankfully, all four kittens made a good recovery and found  homes.

News source:.london24.com

How can one person save hundreds homeless kittens? Just spay/neuter one cat.