What if I want to clone my cat?

Duplicating your cat might sound tempting if you can’t imagine life without your furbaby and you’re willing to pay as much as $35000 for the service! Currently, there are two companies in the world that you can pay to clone your cat: one is ViaGen based in the US and the other one is Sooam Biotech, based in South Korea.

The decision to clone your cat has to be thoughtfully made and while she or he’s still alive. First, you’ll need to purchase a special kit to take to the vet so they can harvest some cells. Secondly, for up to $2000, the cloning company will cryogenically freeze the cells and store them until the cloning happens. If, in the end, you decide not to clone your cat you’ll get no refund for the storage service.

If you finally decide to go through with the cloning, you must be aware that there’s no guarantee you’ll get a clone that looks exactly the same as your original cat, much less has the same personality.

You can clone the look of a cat, but you can’t clone its soul.

Furthermore, you should also consider the fact that there is a pretty dark side to pet cloning…

Why neglect the suffering of unwanted cats in animal shelters that would make wonderful companions just to play out the fantasy of never having to say goodbye?

This question must give some food for thought to anyone who truly loves cats!