10 Reasons to date a man who loves cats

Date a cat man and you won’t be sorry. Cat owners, just like their cats, are never boring and they are an excellent addition to your life.

10 Reasons to date a man who loves cats

1. Cat men are smart.
Studies show that self-identified cat owners scored higher on intelligence tests than self-identified dog owners. I’m not saying that dog-owners aren’t brainy too, just that cat-owners are slightly cleverer. Maybe dog-owners are more physically fit, or are nicer to their mothers. I don’t know, all I do know is that cat owners tend to be a little bit smarter and having smarts is a really good thing to have in a date.

2. Men who own cats aren’t squeamish.
Cat man are used to cleaning litter boxes, cleaning up hairballs, and will drink from a glass that their cat just drank out of. Cat men are tough. They’re not going to have a problem taking care of you when you’ve had too much to drink or have the flu.


3. Male cat owners are clean.
You don’t have to worry about your cat guy being stanky—he knows the importance of good hygiene and why wouldn’t he, he probably sees his cat clean himself through-out the day, and that includes his junk too.

4. Cat dudes aren’t obnoxious about being cat owners.
They know they don’t have to prove how masculine they are just because they have a cat. Also, cat dudes generally love all other kinds of pets, making them an overall animal person.

5. Cat dudes master reading body language.
You know when your dude asks you what’s wrong, and you say, “Nothing,” even though you are pissed off. Your cat guy knows how to pick up on your subtle clues such as the stink-eye you’re giving him, or how your head looks like it’s going to explode. A cat guy will give you some space, or if necessary, initiate a plan of pampering.

6. Cat men aren’t needy.
It’s been awhile since you’ve seen your girls, and you need some girl-time. Your cat dude is cool with that. He can be alone and won’t get all stalkery on you( like checking out your Facebook page for confirmation that you really are out with the girls.) He’s ok to just to chill on his own and pet his cat while you have fun.

7. Cat guys can give you what you need when you need it.
Hard day at work and you just want to be touched? Your cat guy can give that to you, or maybe you really need to release your frustration by having some hot adult fun, your cat guy is down with that as well.

Dating men with cats

8. Dating a cat guy is like dating a hipster
They look super cool, love a good party and they’re also ok to hang out just the two of you in their cool loft. They won’t hold you back from pursing your dream, they’re very open minded and to trying new things.

9. Cat guys are comfortable with their sexuality.
They know that having a cat doesn’t mean they are more female than male.They can be in touch with their female side without it emasculating them and they don’t have to be overtly masculine either.

10. Cat dudes will appreciate your cat stories.
You can have friends and family that aren’t into cats and that’s ok, but probably the person you date should be an animal lover. One of the very enjoyable aspects of being a pet owner is telling stories about the crazy things your pet does or sharing hilarious internet cat videos with someone who loves them too.

Cat guys are as easy to date as their cats are to own—just give them a little cuddle now and then, some food and water, and a place to do their business, and they’re good to go.

Source: bustle.com