Cat is found after 7 days into Australian bushfires!

Ben and his family feared the worst for their 6-year-old rag-doll cat Angel after she ran away right into the bushfires. For the next seven days, while the family fought the fire which surrounded and damaged their home, Angel was unaccounted for. Hopes she would return appeared slim. Her disappearance “gutted” the whole family.
As days passed, the situation looked increasingly grim. The family called out for her constantly, put food all around the property and banged her food bowl.

There was no trace for seven long days! Then, during the clean-up, came a moment of serendipity; we saw Angel sitting on the lawn. At first, her family didn’t even recognise her. She used to be white and fluffy. Now she looked all brown and orange, singed and burnt. Angel was injured but survived, sustaining burns around her ears and weepy eyes.

Cat survives Australian bushfires

“Miraculously, her feet weren’t damaged at all.” her family reported.

“She was starving, hadn’t eaten for a week but she was just so happy to be back. She was going from person to person getting cuddles.”

How did Angel survive the fires?
Angel’s family believes that she went down a deep wombat hole and held out for days until the fires were extinguished.