Not all women actually love cats!

Back in 2010, a woman was filmed dumping cat in wheelie bin in Coventry. The cat is a four-year-old tabby named Lola.  She was discovered 15 hours later by owner Darryl Mann after he heard her cries.

He then checked his security cameras and saw footage of the woman first stroking Lola and then grabbing her by the neck and throwing her in the bin.

Police said they had identified the woman and community support officers had been stationed outside her home.

I thought she might have got in herself – she’s not the brightest cat. – Darryl Man, cat owner

Mr Mann, 26, of Brays Lane, said he had not noticed that Lola had been missing.

“She is a night cat. We sometimes don’t see her in the day unless she comes in for food.”

He said he had been going out to his car on Sunday morning when he heard her meowing.

“I thought at first she was under the car. But then I found her in the bin.”

He later checked his CCTV, which he installed for security reasons, to see how Lola had ended up in the bin.

“It’s disgusting, she’s a lovely cat… she’d never hurt anyone.”

Mary Bale, who has had death threats posted on Facebook, added: ‘I can’t explain why I did this, it is completely out of character and I certainly didn’t intend to cause any distress to Lola.’

Police are ‘closely monitoring’ threats posted online about the 45-year-old from Coventry.

Lola’s owners, Stephanie and Darryl Mann, urged people ‘not to take matters into their own hands’.