12 signs you’re becoming a Crazy Cat Lady!

1. Your phone has more cat selfies than anything else.

2. You have conversations with your cat and reply to their meows as if you know exactly what they were saying.

3. You miss them all the time when you are away.

4. And wonder if they miss you too. Of course they miss you.

5. You spend more time/money/effort finding presents for them than for your family and friends.

6. You get more worried about leaving your cat while you are on holiday, than leaving your house.

7. You sign off birthday/Christmas cards with their signature paw-o-graph. Of course they would do it themselves if they could write.

8. You have to stop yourself from talking about them at every opportunity.

9. And when you aren’t talking about them, you are showing everyone another picture/video of their latest trick.

10. All your friends are talking about future hypothetical children, and you are thinking about hypothetical cats.

11. Nothing makes you smile more than coming home from work to see them sitting at the window waiting for you.

12. You don’t understand why people class you as a ‘crazy cat lady’. You have clearly found your cat-soulmate and they are just jealous.

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