Cleo rushed for help when owner was having a heart attack

Pauline Jenkins knew something was wrong when the normally placid and laid-back Cleo started running up and down the stairs and behaving strangely. So when husband Richard complained of chest pains and Cleo clambered onto the bed to be next to him, she quickly dialled 999. Paramedics arrived and confirmed Richard had suffered a heart attack and needed emergency treatment.

Despite being wary of strangers, loyal Cleo, aged 15, refused to leave his side throughout and upon his return from hospital stayed with him around the clock until he was back on his feet.

Cleo was selected as the winner of the Hero Cat category by celebrity judge Carley Stenson, who said: “Cleo overcame her own fear of strangers to help her beloved owner. She saved his life. It was just that one factor that pushed it for me.”